So Much to be Thankful For

Here at Aldersgate, we have so much to be thankful for! Take a look at some of the thank you notes we have received. 
July, 2019
We want to thank our Aldersgate church family for your outpouring of love, support and prayers during this difficult time of loss of our beloved Nathan.  Thank you to those who sent flowers and  cards and to those who donated to Nathan’s baseball scholarship fund. Thank you to those who brought meals, snacks, and supplies to us and the many random acts of kindness. It helped more than you know.  Thank you to the lovely ladies in my Monday morning Bible Study group for helping the day of the visitation and for all of your prayers.   And a special thank you to Dennis and Lorie for their endless hours of being there for us.  God is good and we will continue to trust in Him. We are more thankful than ever for the precious gift of eternal life that we have through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
Love, Drew, Cherie, Zach, Emily and Henry and the Extended Family of Nathan Gregory
You are a true blessing to me. I love you all! Bless you all for your wonderful gifts. They mean so much to me!
Love and prayers,
June Beasley
June, 2019
A heartfelt thank you for everyone who so lovingly, consoled us with cards,hugs,those attending, to those who provided food and served, to Peggy for the music, Andrew who did the amazing video, Pastor Phil and to Pastor Dennis for being there Friday night and the Celebration service.
The Ernsberger Family
Dear Aldersgate Family,
Toney and I would like to thank everyone for the genuine love, support, and encouragement we have felt over the past months. Your words of encouragement brightened our days. Your generous spirit has blessed our lives. Thank you so very much.
Toney and Loretta Wood
I have never had a church so warm and accepting as Aldersgate. You’ve helped my family even though they weren’t members. I can’t express how, that alone, touched me. Everyone is so nice, friendly and welcoming. The church and Dennis and Lorie helped me so much, especially after death in my family. Thank you for not judging me, and most importantly thank you for guiding me and keeping me on my spiritual journey.
God bless all of you,
Aldersgate Church Family,
Thank you for your prayers, kindness and condolences. It has been so much appreciated these last couple of years on this hard, grief stricken road. Aldersgate family is the best!
Karen & Alicia James
May, 2019
Dear Aldersgate United Methodist Church,
Thank you so very much for your partnership with us during the Project Graduation year. You helped us have a wonderful event for the Nixa High School Seniors, Class of 2019. You allowed us to use your beautiful facilities all year long and prayed with us. Thank you and many blessings to you,
– Nixa High School PTSA Project Graduation. 
Aldersgate Family,
Thank you so much for the Starbucks gift card. That helped me stay positive during the hard times of finals! You all are always so supportive and caring, that’s why I love being a part of this church family.
 Love Always,
Hannah Holder
April, 2019
Dear Aldersgate Family,
The altar flowers delivered to Robin Sellenriek and the lily delivered by Ed and Nancy Vigneaux were so appreciated and enjoyed. Thank you very much.I am looking forward to being back in church, and so appreciate all of Aldersgate care and kindness. 
Betty Pearcy
Thank you so much for the beautiful Easter Lily. I am surely enjoying it. Thank you to whoever delivered it.
Gerry Pepper