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Here at Aldersgate, one of our primary goals is the health and safety of our congregation. Another one of our goals is the spiritual development and formation of our group. So, during these uncertain and scary times, we have to find new ways to accomplish God’s plan for his church. Below you will find the ideas that we have come up with to achieve both of the goals listed above. We are fully aware that we are only human, and we will continue to turn and rely on God to develop and change our programming as this pandemic continues. Please continue to check this page for any updates to the information!


We understand that this is not how any of us expected these times to go. That being said, we encourage you to think of the opportunities to join your students on their journey of faith. Please reach out to us for encouragement and resources! Feel free to reach out to Caleb at any time. He can be reached at cbrandt@aldersgatechurch.com or 417-379-6243. He is available to talk on the phone or through a Zoom meeting!

 Spark & Ignition Sunday School

 Sundays at 8:00 AM

Our 5th through 8th Grade students will begin a series called “Squad Up” starting August 2nd. This series is all about friendships. We are still not having in-person Sunday School. So, we will be recording the lessons and posting them online. They will be posted on our Spark and Ignition Parent Facebook Groups Sunday morning. We encourage families to watch these lessons together and discuss them. If you, as a parent, have not joined this group, please do so. There is a link below, or it can be searched on Facebook. On Monday by noon, the lessons will be posted on our Aldersgate Facebook page and below on the Middle School page of the website.


Spark and Ignition Sunday School

(8.9.20) 5th-8th Grade Sunday School

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The Fire Pit

Weekly Podcast with Caleb and Evan

What Squad Are You In?



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