Feel free to stop by the church library anytime the church is open. It is located in the WC Conference Room just outside of the Sanctuary. There is a simple, self-checkout system that can be used to borrow any of our resources.
If you would like to borrow anything from our curriculum library, stop by during our office hours and ask for Brenda. If you have any questions, please call us, (417) 725-4949.

May’s Featured Books

Did you know that Aldersgate has a church Library? Well, it does and it has lots of interesting books covering many categories. Starting this May, we will be featuring a few of the books to highlight the recourses available to you. There is no fee to use the library and you can keep the books as long as you need to use them.
This month’s book from our “Christian Living” category is The Beloved Disciple: Following John to the Heart of Jesus by Beth Moore. Beth Moore is a well-known Bible teacher and author. She writes how John alone stayed near to watch Jesus crucified, and tradition asserts that he also received the honor of penning the last book of the Bible, the book of Revelation. John was likewise numbered among the privileged witnesses of Jesus’ transfiguration and the resurrection of Jairus’s daughter. After the introduction to John’s life, Moore goes into great detail describing both minor and major life occurrences from John’s vantage point. Check out this book to learn more about the miracles, Jesus’ displays of power, and the love of Jesus from John’s vantage point.
This month’s book from our “Bible Study Aids” category is Where to Find It in the Bible by Ken Anderson. Ken Anderson has a lengthy ministry as a Christian writer and audiovisual producer. As Ken states in the preface, “Concordances help locate specific words, verses, and passages. But where do you look for Bible verses dealing with today’s contemporary topic? How do you locate Scripture on topics such as credit cards, diet, race, networking computers, women’s rights, and politics? Take this book for a stroll and find the answer to your questions on these and many other current-day topics.