An Announcement from Pastor Phil

Good morning, afternoon or evening depending on when you read this…

There are from time to time in our lives opportunities to share information with others. Now, that’s not any incredible flash of brilliance on my part, but rather an introduction as to the purpose of this article.

As we creep closer to the New Year, we also creep closer to the sort of thing that keeps folks in heavy coats and certain water content falling from the sky. (Note I did not call it what it really is, so you can’t blame me…) This sort of thing has become almost enough to make a person wish they could be out of the weather here and enjoying the warmth of a more southern environment. And so, that’s what Dorothy and I will be doing for the months of January and February as we are heading to Destin, Florida for the winter.

Just because we are doing this “snow-bird” thing doesn’t mean I will be ending the bible studies in which I am involved. The Monday night Men’s group will, along with the FAB group on Friday mornings, continue to meet on campus and I will be doing my portion from Destin via ZOOM. Toney Wood is graciously helping this to take place so the fellowship of being together will continue. It also helps those who might be concerned about getting out if the water content falls from the sky.

Dorothy and I are so looking forward to this opportunity and this new experience. We will return the first week of March and then figure out how to get sand out of all the stuff we seem to need to take with us!

And now for one more announcement to the church. In 2022, I will be turning 70 years old and while this isn’t old, I will be retiring as a pastor in the MO Conference of the United Methodist Church. We have been involved in this church from the early beginnings as I have been sharing with you in “Phil’s-osophy” in the Gatepost. We both anticipate that will not change, I will be retired but not finished serving. I have a great desire to continue facilitating the bible studies mentioned and look forward to the experience of watching the growth that takes place in these studies. Dennis and Sarah are encouraging me to continue to serve the congregation at this place we call Aldersgate and so I will for as long as I can or for as long as the congregation will put up with me. 

The date for my official retirement is June 30, 2022. You have heard me say it before and it rings true with this announcement, “It’s all good”. So don’t be shocked and don’t be too joyful when you don’t see us here for a couple of months, but please celebrate with us as we continue our journey, Dorothy and I, and our journey with you. God bless each of you and as always, I wish you…


Pastor Phil

9 Responses to “An Announcement from Pastor Phil”

  1. Marcy says:

    I hope you have a great winter lounging at the beach. Soak up some rays for me too. Given your love of God and for Aldersgate, the decision to retire surely must be a bittersweet one. And it is for us too. But know that you have served is all incredibly well and though you will be missed in a pastoral capacity, I know you will be busy among us and reminding us that indeed, “It’s all good.” Shalom to you, dear man.

  2. Sandy Dybedock says:

    GOD bless you and Dorothy in this new endeavor. I will miss you so GOD keeP you healthy and safe. AMEN❤️

  3. Sarah and Ralph says:

    Have a wonderful time in Florida,but don get too sun burned. We will look forward to seeing you when you come back. Watch out for heavy traffic. We love you so have a crazy good time!

  4. Ron Schenone says:

    May God Bless you both and may you have safe travels. You have not only been my Pastor but also my friend. Thank you for being both.

  5. Tom and Jan Furr says:

    Have a great time in Florida. Remember it’s all good there as well. We may catch you on our way back home from the gulf coast. Will let you know.

  6. Jill Moran says:

    Go with God on this fun adventure. I envy you. Stay safe and well both of you.

  7. Pat Laing says:

    Have a wonderful time full of blessings, Our prayers will be with you as you travel back and forth.I am past the ability to travel like this but will enjoy your posts and pictures.
    Love and hugs to you both!

  8. E Janet Bell says:

    Merry Christmas and may God bless you and Dorothy during your stay in Florida. We’ll miss you, but look forward to your return in March.

  9. E Janet Bell says:

    Merry Christmas. God bless you and Dorothy during your stay in Florida. We will miss you, but look forward to your return in March.

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